10 Assisted Living Decorating Ideas to Help You Feel at Home

August 3, 2021 / Senior Living Community
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A room at The Villas at Stanford Ranch. Discover assisted living decorating ideas.

Making the move to an assisted living facility can be a major change. While beneficial, the transition can feel equal parts exciting and overwhelming. One easy way to make the transition to assisted living feel like a positive experience is to ensure your space feels personal, familiar, and comfortable. Decorating your new space can help ease the transition and make your new community feel like home.

Discover ten assisted living decorating ideas to help you feel right at home.

Top 10 Ways to Decorate Your New Home in an Assisted Living Facility

#1: Take advantage of the opportunity to downsize.

Moving into assisted living provides a great opportunity to downsize and get rid of clutter that you don't need anymore.

As you downsize, prioritize functional furniture. Decorative benches and uncomfortable chairs will be hard to fit in a smaller space, whereas a bench that doubles as a chest can serve double duty.

#2: Keep your favorite pieces.

Feel at home in your assisted living space by surrounding yourself with beloved furniture and memorabilia. Displaying familiar favorites, such as a painting made by a neighbor or pottery from your grandchildren, can help make your new space feel instantly welcoming.

#3: Hang family photos.

Personal touches make any residence feel more like home, and nothing does that better than family photos. Surround yourself with images of loved ones. Bring your favorite pictures with you when you move to create a space that not only feels personal to your, but also helps you feel closer to your loved ones.

#4: Choose vibrant colors.

Vibrant hues can help make a new space feel exciting and can brighten up a smaller area. You can go with small pops of your favorite color, such as throw pillows on a couch or a vase full of flowers. Or you can use the opportunity of starting fresh to fill an entire room with bright, uplifting colors, from furniture to rugs to curtains and decor accents.

#5: Invest in smart organization.

The key to taking advantage of more limited space is to get strategic with your organization. Add shelving to your closet space and utilize smart organizational tools for cupboards and shelves. Consider furniture that serves two purposes, such as storage ottomans that can hold blankets and be used as extra seating, sleeper sofas, or drop leaf consoles that can expand to hold puzzles or games.

#6: Use a mirror to help the space feel larger.

Mirrors reflect natural light and add dimension, which adds a more spacious, airy feeling to a room. Hang up an eye-catching mirror to give your new home more depth and dimension.

#7: Add a little green.

Adding greenery breathes life into a space and a bright, refreshing feel. Display your favorite flowers by the window for an easy, cheerful vibe. If you’re an allergy sufferer, you can achieve the same effect with fabric flowers.

#8: Choose a larger rug.

A larger rug is an easy way to make a smaller space feel bigger. A larger rug doesn't visually break up the floor like a small one would, and provides a colorful, personal touch. 

#9: Let in the light.

Nothing makes a space feel more welcoming and cheerful than the right lighting. Good light will brighten and visually expand your new home. Take advantage of the natural light by opening up the windows and placing mirrors, and add favorite lamps next to your reading chair and bed.

#10: Go vertical.

You can maximize a smaller living space by taking advantage of its height. Invest in floor lamps, larger artwork, bookshelves, and other pieces that add height to your new home.

If you're ready to make the move to assisted living, schedule a tour to explore the exciting floorplans at The Villas at Stanford Ranch. Reach out now.


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