10 Ways to Enjoy Traveling During Retirement

February 11, 2022 / Senior Living Community
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A senior couple walks along a path in a European seaside village.

Retirement offers the start of a new chapter. Often retirees look forward to the amount of free time they now have available. One of the many benefits of newfound time is the ability to travel at a whim.

Traveling during the golden years has countless advantages. From no longer having to worry about the number of vacation days to the ability to travel in a more luxurious style than the post-college backpacking across Europe days, retirement seems like the prime time to see the world.

Of course, no list of advantages is not without disadvantages. Some retirees find it’s harder to travel as they age or are worried about money since they are no longer working. Luckily, we have ten tips for retirees on how to enjoy traveling during the golden years!

10 Travel Tips for Seniors

#1: Traveling doesn’t have to include long plane rides.

Often, when people think of travel, they picture exotic lands half a world away. But that’s not always necessary. From RV-ing across the country to quick road trips across state lines, the U.S. has plenty of beauty to offer!


#2: Find senior discounts.

For those who are looking for the best deals, don’t forget to investigate airlines and hotels that offer senior discounts. Airlines such as British Airways, Delta, and Southwest offer discounts on some flights.


#3: Nix the hotels.

Hotels aren’t for everyone. Whether you want the space or are looking for more affordable options, Airbnb is a great resource. There’s also the possibility of doing a home exchange with someone else in another country!


#4: Rent out your home to fund retirement travel.

If you’re planning a long trip or just looking for an extra way to make money, renting out your home is a great way to gain passive income to fund your own travel experiences!


#5: Be spontaneous.

Without the responsibilities of work, retirees can be more flexible and book trips last minute. Deciding to go somewhere last minute can offer the benefits of travel deals.


#6: Plan to take the stress out of things.

If spontaneity is too stressful, enjoy the planning process by taking your time. According to some researchers, planning a trip can be almost as enjoyable as the trip itself.


#7: Save money by traveling longer.

One of the benefits of retirement is the flexibility to plan longer trips. Plus, if you plan accordingly then those longer trips can actually be more cost-effective.


#8: Take a cruise.

Cruises offer the luxury of seeing multiple places without having to board a plane or drive to each destination. Also, cruises offer great senior discounts!


#9: Join a tour.

Want to travel but don’t want to worry about the planning process? Tours are a great way to see the world without spending countless hours researching hotels, restaurants, flights, attractions, and more.


#10: Make it a family trip.

Including family members on a trip is an amazing way to make memories.

If all else fails, then just retire abroad! Traveling has so many benefits and those who desire a new experience in a foreign country should take the chance while they can. Just remember, there are countless opportunities and ways to travel. Whether it be abroad or only a few hours away, retirees have the chance to experience new adventures and enjoy them!


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