5 Crucial Health and Safety Features at the Villas at Stanford Ranch

July 30, 2021 / Senior Living Community
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An image of the elevators at The Villas at Stanford Ranch. Learn more about this and other health and safety features at the facility.

As we age, health issues like falls, getting lost, and other issues can pose a threat to our wellbeing. Assisted living communities like The Villas at Stanford Ranch offer health and safety features that provide security for seniors and their loved ones.

Learn more about the five crucial features that help keep residents of our community safer.

5 Features at The Villas at Stanford Ranch That Protect Senior’s Health and Safety

Screening Guests With A Check-in Area

Check-in protocols are one of several safety measures that are in place to help the team at The Villas at Stanford Ranch ensure the safety of everyone on site. A check-in system helps the facility screen visitors without alarming residents, allowing the team to stay aware of who comes and goes from the facility.

A Secure, Gated Community

The Villas at Stanford Ranch is a gated community. Fencing and secure gates keep residents safer thanks to round-the-clock monitoring at the facility’s exits. This helps deter unauthorized entry into the community, and also keeps residents safer.

Memory care patients are especially prone to get lost. According to the Alzheimer's Association, individuals with this disease can lose their ability to recognize familiar places and faces, making getting lost a serious health and safety risk. Having a fenced-in community with secure gates helps to keep our Memory Care residents safer.

Discreet Security Cameras

Security cameras help the team keep an eye on the property and facilities. This lets The Villas at Stanford Ranch monitor for potential health and safety issues like a resident slipping and falling or other security risks.

Providing Proximity to Care

For seniors living on their own, isolation can lead to a delayed response from medical personnel in the event of an emergency, a serious health risk. Assisted living facilities offer the security and convenience of close proximity to their health care team, ensuring they get the care they need in the event of an emergency.

Accessible Facilities

Mobility can become more challenging as we age, and a fall becomes a larger health risk. According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for people 65 and over. Because of this, accessibility features are essential in any senior’s place of residence.

The Villas at Stanford Ranch is specially designed with the needs of your aging loved ones in mind. The facility offers unique accessibility features, such as accessible restrooms, one-story homes, elevators, and other features that prevent falls and other health risks.

Learn more about how The Villas at Stanford Ranch can help your aging loved ones live safer, healthier lives. Learn more about assisted living.


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