How The Villas at Stanford Ranch Ensures Safety in our Senior Care Facility

April 21, 2021 / Senior Living Community
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A senior woman and her nurse in a senior care facility.

Senior safety is a major concern for aging adults and their family members. 3.1% of Americans 65 years old and older live in a group setting such as a retirement home according to data from the U.S. census. For these seniors, care facilities provide the comfort of a home environment with the necessary healthy and daily living assistance that they may require. They also offer activities, three nutritious meals a day, and the opportunity to meet new friends.

Our community offers a range of services from Assisted Living to Memory Care for those seniors battling dementia to provide every one of our seniors the opportunity to live out their golden years in a safe, fun, and welcoming community. Learn more about how The Villas at Stanford Ranch ensures the safety of our residents.

Slip and Fall Prevention Measures

According to the CDC, around 25% of Americans ages 65 and up will suffer a fall. This equals out to roughly 29 million falls and 3 million emergency room visits. Those who live in homes alone are at a higher risk for more dangerous and imperative falls, as some may not be able to receive the necessary help they need immediately.

Senior care facilities not only have around-the-clock care and trained nurses to assist, but also provide regular check-ins.

To ensure seniors' safety, our community offers accessible restrooms, one-story homes, and more. Our goal is to provide every resident with freedom and a sense of safety. Additionally, our community offers fitness classes designed to help improve residents’ balance and strength. Staying active is shown to reduce the risk of falls and often means that if there is an accident the resident is healthy and able to bounce back quickly.

Security Measures

Cameras and check-in protocols keep facilities informed of who comes and goes. Our gated community has around-the-clock security that monitors the secured exits.

The U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services established the National Background Check Program to conduct background checks on all providers and employees with direct patient access at long-term care facilities. This program was established to better help facilities avoid elder abuse, neglect, and theft.

Each team member at The Villas  at Stanford Ranch goes through a state background check and fingerprint cross-checking with the FBI's fingerprint database to ensure quality care. This ensures that every team member of our community can be fully trusted to provide the best possible care.

Preventing Medication Errors

The adoption of digital medical records has made it easier for facilities to check a senior's chart for detailed information on their current medications, notes regarding allergies, and past adverse reactions to drugs. In addition, our seniors’ medicines are pre-sorted and sealed in an easily dispensed packet. These tools and precautions are critical in minimizing errors that can sometimes occur when administering medications to many people at once.

There is nothing that we take more seriously than the health and safety of our residents. Advances in technology and professional round-the-clock care allow us to provide each resident with the best possible care. Whether that resident is in Independent Living, Assisted Living, or Memory Care, they and their loved ones are provided peace of mind knowing they're in good hands. If you’re ready to make the move to a senior living community, schedule a tour today.


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