Independent Living vs Assisted Living Communities for Seniors

November 8, 2018 / Senior Living Community
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Thinking of making the move to a senior living community? Senior communities generally offer two different types of service for residents: independent living and assisted living.

Independent vs Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Understand the differences between independent and assisted living and learn what to expect when you move to a senior community.

Assisted Living for Seniors

Many older adults find themselves unable to live independently. Maybe they’ve suffered an illness or injury, lost a loved one, or find it increasingly difficult to live on their own because of cognitive decline.

In an assisted living arrangement, seniors are able to reside in their own private apartment/ living space while getting the help they need.

With many assisted living communities, you can customize the level of care you need.

Maybe you need some help with housekeeping, meals, and chores, or perhaps assistance with managing or administering medications. Maybe you’re in need of help with self-care and hygiene tasks. For those who need it, assisted living means help with all of these things and more.

Assisted living communities keep staff available 24/7 to help you with whatever assistance you need. For many residents (and their adult children), the peace-of-mind of knowing you are not alone in the event of a medical – or other – emergency is the biggest benefit of assisted living.

Assisted living comes with even more perks, like access to a community’s on-site amenities.

Assisted living allows seniors the dignity of remaining in their own private living space along with the assistance needed to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. It also allows seniors the independence to rely on professionals – not untrained family members – for medical or personal assistance.

Did you know? For those who need it, memory care programs are available in some senior communities. Memory care programs are similar to assisted living, but residences and staff are trained – and activities specifically designed – for the special needs of dementia and Alzheimer patients.

Independent Living for Seniors

Independent living is just what it sounds like - the ability to live freely.

Senior communities that offer independent living often have a block of apartment/ townhome-style residences with their own separate entries and garages.

With an independent living senior apartment, you don’t have to worry about the repairs, maintenance, and upkeep that you would for a larger, aging-home. Landscaping is no longer your responsibility.

Your time is freed up to spend just as you’d like: on the go, making memories, having adventures, spending time with family, and forging relationships with your new neighbors.

In most senior communities, independent living residents have access to a full-range of on-site amenities such as prepared meals, activities, and services.

Independent vs Assisted Living Costs

The cost of independent living vs assisted living can vary depending on a few factors.

One factor in your senior living costs will be the size of your apartment.

At the Villas at Stanford Ranch, we offer four different independent living floorplans ranging from 1 bedroom/ 1 bath to 2 bedroom/ 1.5 bath options.

We also have four different assisted living floorplans ranging from studio/ 1 bath to 1- and 2 bedroom options.

The next thing that will factor into your cost is the level of service you need.

Assisted living typically costs more than independent living, since these programs include services such as caregiving and housekeeping options.

At The Villas at Stanford Ranch, all utilities are included with the cost of housing - so you won’t have to worry about what your gas, electric, garbage, or water bill will total month to month.

Knowing your senior living cost is knowing what your total cost of living is - housing, assistance, food, utilities, and amenities are all included in your monthly payment in most communities.

To find out what your living costs would be at The Villas at Stanford Ranch, schedule a tour or call our leasing office: (916) 741-7050.

Senior Community Amenities

One thing that does not impact your costs at The Villas at Stanford Ranch senior community is the amenities available to you.

All of our residents have unlimited access to a full-range of included amenities, including:

• In-house, chef-prepared meals (snacks included).
• Bistro and dining areas for sharing mealtime with friends or in your apartment.
• A computer lab with multiple computer stations and wifi.
• Heated outdoor swimming pool and hot tub.
• Private theater for movie viewing.
• Fully stocked craft room.
• Bocce ball and private access to community park.
• Fireplaces and community meeting areas.
• Game room/ activity area.
• Salon, day spa, massage room.
• Free monthly visits from medical specialists.
• Physical therapy/ exercise room.
• Laundry room with multiple washers/ dryers.

At The Villas at Stanford Ranch, most of our onsite amenities are located within the same building as our assisted living apartments. Our assisted living residents can easily access food, entertainment, and exercise, as well as community events.

Our independent living residents have full-access to these amenities, which are only a short-walk away from their independent living apartments.

Which is for You?

One of the biggest benefits to a senior community that offers both independent and assisted living services is the option to change your level of service when needed.

If you move into an independent living apartment in order to downsize and be done with home maintenance, while gaining access to the full-range of included amenities, you don’t have to leave the community you love if your care needs should changes down the road.

Should you face a situation where you need more help with housekeeping, chores, self-care, or medical issues, assisted living is available in the same community that you’ve already grown accustomed to. You won’t have to say goodbye to the friends or relationships you’ve built, staying with the staff you trust and continuing to enjoy the amenities you love while receiving the extra level of care you need.

Choosing between independent living or assisted living isn’t too terribly hard. Whether you want to live a fully independent lifestyle or you need a little help, you have an adventure waiting for you in our luxury senior community.


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