Tips for Making the Transition to a Retirement Community Smoother

June 15, 2023 / Senior Living Community
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A senior woman moving into her new apartment, aided by her daughter.

At any stage in life, change can be scary. The unfamiliar can make you anxious, but knowing what to expect can help ease the worry.

There are countless questions that arise when making the transition from your home to a retirement community. Check out these helpful answers and tips on how to make the move smoother:

1. What should I do with all my belongings?

The Villas at Stanford Ranch has a variety of floorplans to suit your needs. It's highly encouraged to make the new place feel like home by decorating and bringing personal belongings! It's also recommended that you embrace downsizing. Whether you're gifting furniture to family members or utilizing a storage unit, it's best to start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2. How do I meet people and make friends?

You can first get acquainted with neighbors while settling into your new home before diving into events. Then, you can dine with other residents, join clubs, or partake in social activities. One of the many perks of living in a retirement community is the many community events and activities that provides residents with the opportunity to meet new people.

3. When will I see my family?

It's common for seniors to worry that moving to a retirement community will mean seeing their families less. To ease this fear, it's suggested that you schedule family visits- however often you'd like to see them! Many residents find that they're able to spend more quality time with their loved ones through these visits.

It's also important to remember and acknowledge that this is a big change. And like any change, it takes time to adjust. Give yourself grace, set realistic goals, and establish a routine. These goals can look like trying a new activity or meeting staff members. Small goals will provide a sense of accomplishment and make the move easier with each day.

Finally, adjust your perspective to see this move as an exciting new chapter! Retirement communities offer the chance to learn something new, form deep friendships, and partake in new activities. In no time at all, you will feel right at home!


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