What Senior Care Services are Available at The Villas at Stanford Ranch?

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A group of senior women exercising outdoors. Learn more about our senior care services in Rocklin, CA.

Aging brings with it a host of unique challenges for both seniors and their caregivers. As we age, daily tasks like cooking, mowing the lawn, and other chores can become more difficult. For some, health issues such as dementia can add additional stress. Senior care services provide the support our elderly loved ones need to continue to age with dignity and a good quality of life. 

Different services are available depending on the senior’s level of need. Discover how the senior care services available at The Villas at Stanford Ranch could meet your needs. 

Independent Living

Ideal for seniors who are struggling with isolation or maintaining their home. 
Independent Living at a senior care facility can be an ideal solution for seniors looking for added support while still maintaining their independence.

Seniors in Independent Living at The Villas at Stanford Ranch have their own residences and enjoy an independent lifestyle without the repairs, maintenance, and upkeep that comes with homeownership, freeing up time to pursue their ideal lifestyle. Residents enjoy an independent lifestyle alongside a supportive community so that they can maintain their social connections and enjoy amenities like shuttle services, a heated pool, a central lounge, library, theater, salon and spa, restaurant-style meals, and more.

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Assisted Living

Ideal for seniors who have difficulty caring for their health or the activities of daily living.
There are several signs to look for to determine a senior is ready for assisted living as opposed to independent living. These include concerns like falls, worsening health problems, and problems with daily activities like taking medication, cooking, or bathing.

The Assisted Living program at The Villas at Stanford Ranch provides more assistance than independent living, offering a continued quality of life for seniors unable to live independently. Your elderly loved ones will still enjoy a private living space, but with additional support. 

The level of assistance provided is customized to a senior’s unique needs and can include reminders for medicine, help with hygiene and other personal care tasks, meals, and household chores. Assisted living provides appropriate support, socialization, and safety.

Memory Care

Designed for seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other memory challenges.
Memory Care services from The Villas at Stanford Ranch provide supportive care, much like our assisted living services do, but specifically tailored for the needs of individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory loss require specialized care. This program provides residents with support, purpose, and a meaningful daily program. This supportive, structured daily routine includes the arrangement of health care appointments, transportation assistance, and help with activities such as dressing and personal care. The program focuses on enriching the mind and body with activity appropriate for the individual’s capabilities. 

With the appropriate senior care services, our elderly loved ones can maintain meaningful lives as they age and require greater levels of professional care. Do the seniors in your life have the support they need? Schedule a tour of The Villas at Stanford Ranch.


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