COVID Response

Protecting the Villas Family

The staff and team at The Villas at Stanford Ranch have been working tirelessly since the end of February to stay one step ahead of the novel coronavirus. At the very first indication of the scope of this pandemic, Sequoia created a “closed campus” environment at The Villas at Stanford Ranch. Placer County has been under shelter-in-place since early March and we were quick to implement strict protocols to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 in order to secure ample supplies. Some of these protocols include but are not limited to symptom monitoring, sanitation procedures and the use of protective equipment by our staff.

Only recently in mid-May did the City of Rocklin begin to reopen restaurants and offices with rigorous guidelines in place. As well, Placer County has one of the lowest numbers of confirmed cases per county in California. Our team has been monitoring the news and updates closely to ensure we are not only following the CDC guidelines but also going above and beyond to provide the same excellent care to all of our residents.

Our team and staff understand the fear that the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked in many. Our job is not only to provide care but also to communicate with our residents and the community about the precautions and implementations we have taken. Furthermore, our top priority continues to be the safety of our staff and residents. This page contains detailed information about The Villas at Stanford Ranch and our response to COVID-19. We will continue to update this page weekly with new information. We hope that this page is utilized as a resource to the residents and community. Our goal is to provide helpful information and also a peace of mind during this time.

We appreciate your support and feedback. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact us. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

COVID Response | Protective Equipment

Protective Equipment

  • Masks are required to be worn by all staff and any essential visitors at all times while on our properties.
  • All staff are required to wear gloves any time they enter resident homes, come in contact with residents, or when coming in contact with surfaces.
  • Gowns are utilized whenever a heightened level concern might be present.
  • Sequoia has secured ample supplies of PPE and has developed supply chains to restock inventory as required.
COVID Response | Sanitation

Sanitation Procedures

We have added extra staff to serve as “Sanitation Squads” for our communities. Our housekeeping team thoroughly wipes all surfaces with an alcohol based solution when cleaning resident homes. Our staff of Caregivers and Medication Technicians practices CDC recommended handwashing procedures every time they enter and exit a resident room. We also have located handwashing stations and the entry to communities in addition to numerous sanitation stations throughout the communities. All common areas are continuously disinfected.

COVID Response | Lockdown

Community Lockdown

At the very first indication of the scope of this pandemic Sequoia created a “closed campus” environment at the communities. All non-essential visitation, including families, has been restricted. Only third party vendors considered critical to the welfare of our residents are allowed on property. Salons, fitness centers, and therapy services are closed. All common areas are closed and frequently sanitized. All meals are delivered to residents for in home dining. All activity programs are modified to conform to safety protocols.

COVID Response | Social Distancing

Social Distancing

The community staff is complying with social distancing protocols as defined by the CDC except when providing care assistance to residents. Additionally, residents are prompted to respect these same guidelines. When residents are out of their units in approved areas of the community they are monitored for compliance. When the community common areas are reopened all individuals will be expected to continue these social distancing protocols indefinitely. And common areas will be set up to facilitate this mandate.

COVID Response | Symptom Monitoring

Symptom Monitoring

All staff of our communities are monitored daily to check for any indication of a covid related symptom. Temperatures are taken and recorded. Our Clinical Directors are actively canvassing the community staff and residents to be on the look out for any indication of a symptom. Should any concern arise with a staff member they are immediately excused from the community. We then assist them with obtaining a covid test. All approved essential visitors are also screened prior to be allowed inside our communities.


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